Film Equipment

C A P S U L E   F I L M   F E S T I V A L 

If you’ve got a camera and an idea. Shoot it. Send it.

This ole lockdown has taken a lot of wind from our sails and made us resort to watching (and looking forward to) esteemed (terrible) day time television shows and cleaning behind the fridge (WHY GOD WHY!) 


The Arts Community’s “normality” won’t be back in earnest for, who knows how long and most people believe that nothing will be on stage before 2021.  

So how do we combat this new landscape? We know that if we don’t stimulate our brains they turn to mush. Here at Capsule we want to help mold that wonderful organ back to its original form. 

We will be accepting short film submissions from the 3rd of June 2020 until September 3rd 2020.