Submissions for this years festival are now closed.

We are hunting for anything and everything. 
There are no stipulations.
No rules, No limits on Size or Scope. 
Your only limit is your imagination. We want is stories of any kind. A varied collection of works made/produced/written during these last few months and beyond.
We're after Poetry, Storytelling, Performance Pieces, Animation, Day in the life of’s, Monologues, Duologues and straight up narrative films. ANYTHING. If you’ve got a camera and an idea. Shoot it. Send it.


Capsule Festival is looking for films made in these last few months and beyond as a reaction to what is taking place around us. 

This festival is a safe place of expression where anyone and everyone's work is welcome, respected and shown. We at the festival want you to know that we see you and we welcome your work with welcome arms. 
Once we hit deadline, a panel of industry professionals from actors, directors, producers, directors of photography and other awesome persons, shall decided our nominees.


  • Best Short Film

  • Best Screenplay

  • Best Actor Male

  • Best Actor Female

  • - Best Original Score 

  • - Best Cinematography