We will select 10 pieces of work. The first FOUR will be given full use of our fully equipped  black box theatre space to rehearse and film in. LIVR have kindly offered to film all four pieces in 3D , they will do all of the post production and give us a link to the finished product which will be put up on our new website behind a paywall. LIVR have developed technology that enables the viewer to watch the plays without the need for 3D glasses and headsets. There will be an online box office of which ALL of the proceeds (less the small streaming fee of approximately 50p ) will go to all of the creatives involved in the production, in order to generate some income for all of the participants. In addition Sarah and some of the board of judges will help mentor and creatively produce the pieces, assisting with help in kind by dramaturging ,casting and finding directors etc . All of these services will be free of charge.

The remaining 6 will receive full feedback and the texts will be uploaded onto the website for sale to prospective companies for future production, again all monies raised  will go to you.